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There are three distinct PROMAS application programs. One is for managing rental properties (a desktop version since 1989). One is for managing homeowner and condominium associations. The third, The Landlord Inspector, is a stand-alone application for Landlords and Property Managers who perform move-in and move-out inspections. You can obtain a fully functional demo of any of the programs by downloading from the Request Demo page.
To obtain a fully functional demo package of the Rental or Association PROMAS applications on a CD-ROM, or if you just have questions contact us at:
 Sales (888) 591-5179 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Technical Support (800) 397-1499 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The RENTAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - The Professional Landlord. combines desktop and online functionality. It is designed to handle all types of properties from residential units - single family, duplex to multi-family housing and commercial properties. The pricing structure accommodates startup operations by providing the same functionality needed by a larger, full service, multi-dimensional company.  There is no need to learn anything new as you grow because the software for 1000 units is no different than that for 50! PROMAS is particularly efficient for fee based managers. Features in the program accommodate the requirements for strict financial controls over owner and escrow funds and includes reports to comply with the auditing requirements of the states relative to trust accounting.

PROMAS Central is a web based application that provides owner, tenant and vendor portals for on-line access to statements, other uploaded documents and transaction activity. Tenants and owners can make on-line payments and the PROMAS database can be backed up to the web based application.

With the release of Version 12 the modules that were optional are now included. These are Networking, Maintenance/Work orders, Internet Publishing (required for PROMAS Central), Tax Collection and Commercial.
An add-on Check Reader module is available.

There are 3 platforms available:

PROMAS License

A one time cost entitles you to use the product indefinitely and run it on premises, in the cloud using the service provider of your choice, or in the cloud using PROMAS SaaS.



A monthly subscription. The product is hosted, backup up, updated and maintained in the cloud. Access is via Remote Desktop Connection. All modules are enabled. User can purchase a license at any time to take advantage of the license flexibility.



Leased software can be installed on a single workstation; on a peer to peer network; in a client server environment; or used through terminal services, citrix or remote desktop.  The program can be hosted for remote access from a computer, tablet or iPad.


The ASSOCIATION PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE is ideal for management companies with multiple clients as well as the self-managed association keeping their own records. This software was designed with Association needs in mind - it is not modified rental software.
A Management company can purchase a license to handle effectively an unlimited number of associations for $1,995. A self-managed association or a startup company gets the same functionality for as little as $295 (50 member version). There is no better bargain than PROMAS when it comes to Association software.
 Finally a product that streamlines the inspection process for property managers and landlords. The inspection target platform is a tablet, slate, netbook, notebook or desktop computer that runs a Windows operating system. Preferred input is by touchscreen entry with minimal use of keyboard or writing pad. The types of inspections handled are move-in, move-out, survey and inspection. A new inspection is initialized by either creating a new document or opening an existing document. Multiple inspections for the same property are maintained in that property's document. Each inspection document is customizable to the property configuration. This process can be done prior to an initial inspection or as the first inspection is being conducted. Photos can be included with the reports that can be given to owners and tenants. 
The Landlord Inspection is a stand alone product that does not require PROMAS rental or association software in order to use.   The PROMAS rental program has access to inspection history via the unit profile.
When you purchase PROMAS you also purchase a one year support agreement including email and toll-free telephone support, as well as updates and upgrades. Follow-on, optional support agreements are available on all PROMAS software packages. All PROMAS software packages are network compatible and will run on all Windows operating systems. 

We stand behind our products with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your product, simply return it within 60 days for a prompt refund.